Summer LI

There are some exciting changes to this summer’s Leadership Institute!

Last year, Kim Gordon chaired a PD Task Force and reviewed all of the PD offerings in Canada.  The Board approved their report, which included a new vision for national PD.  A number of recommendations are currently being implemented, and our new LI program specifically attends to the following four suggestions:

1.  That the Leadership Institute include more than one strand to ensure more homogeneous audience groupings, more in depth discussion, cohorts, and school follow-up.

2.  That a leadership curriculum scope and sequence be designed that includes goals, outcomes and program ideas for each strand.

3.  That the LI include action research or some element of “doing something”  to create opportunities for practical leadership development

4.  That the LI include leadership development for new heads (1-5 years) as part of their ongoing skill development.

In addition to revising our Diploma in Independent School Leadership, we have expanded our vision of the LI.  This summer at Shawnigan Lake School, we are introducing two new streams available to CAIS members only:

– NEW – Current CAIS Heads – Money and Managing Change

– NEW – Current CAIS Administrators – The Next Step

Please review the following LI program document carefully and share it with your colleagues.  We hope to see you this summer.

Click here to register.

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