On not blogging on Bieber

Last week, our family went to New York. It was the first time our children had visited the city, and it was thrilling to imagine showing them the highlights of culture, attractions, and food. In the taxi from the airport, we learned that Justin Bieber was in town. Jacob will tell you that he wanted nothing to do with it, but after some discussion, we all agreed that we had to do this – we were in New York after all. The Kee family caught a case of “Bieber Fever”.

Bieber was at Macy’s promoting his new perfume (correct: not cologne, but perfume) and he was to greet the crowd at 2:00 pm. So along with over 2000 other fans, we stood and waited – twice it rained – for over two hours. After hour one, Kevin and I gave each other those ‘what are we doing here?’ glances, but it was an adventure only to be had in New York, and the crowd’s excitement grew to be contagious.

As you may have heard in the news, Bieber did come out of the store, but it lasted less than a minute. Kathleen and Jacob were in the front row and saw the “attack”, which was really an undercover cop trying to protect Bieber when the barricade fell over. From where I stood, I saw only raised hands with cameras.  But we were there.

As I stood there in the sometimes pouring rain, I thought to myself: for sure I will blog about this. But here’s the thing: I was on vacation. And I don’t want to be one of those people who ruins a vacation by thinking about work. I remember when Kevin and I were in Africa on a safari, and a leopard was approaching our jeep.  I had my camera out, along with a bunch of others, and our guide quietly critiqued: “There is a leopard very close to you. Put your cameras down and enjoy the moment.”

I love my job, but there I was in New York with my family exploring the city with Kathleen and Jacob for the first time.  We had four days of ‘moments’.

So I will not wreck my vacation by coming home and blogging about Bieber. Instead, I will offer my best advice:  Enjoy every moment of your summer vacation.

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