R-I-S-K: Not a four letter word

I just returned from a review of Solomon Schechter Academy in Montreal where our team enjoyed a lively drama and music presentation by the students in three languages. Yes, I meant three languages. In fact, all of their students enter with one or maybe a bit of a second language, but all graduate fluent in English, French and Hebrew. For someone who struggles with French, even after attending school in Switzerland for three months and living in Montreal for six years, I consider this to be a miracle. Languages are extremely valuable, especially as we exist in a global economy where many people speak at least two languages.

While in Montreal, I popped in to St Viateur Bagel on Monkland Avenue, my old stomping ground, to pick up some bagels for the team. I asked for 11 dozen and the bagel maker joked, “Is this for here or to go?” The bagels were so fresh from the wood burning oven, that when the Visiting Committee members took their first bite, the bagels were still warm. Vive Montreal!

What on earth do languages and culture have to do with that four letter word RISK?

I find it an absolute shame that we live in an increasingly litigious society. One implication is that educators sometimes fear taking students out of the school and often feel overwhelmed by the approval process.

So with a goal to ensure that our students will continue to visit great cities to experience different languages and foods and cultures, I am happy to present the SEAL Canada Risk Management Guidelines for Off-Site Activities.

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