Welcome to the New CAIS Heads

For the past three years, we have had a dozen new Heads in our CAIS schools each year.  For anyone interested in future leadership positions, you should note that that’s an annual twelve percent turn over.

Our schools are in good hands with this year’s amazing bunch of leaders. Welcome to the national organization of Canada’s top schools!

This is my third annual listing of new Heads, so this year – to shake things up a bit – I will add that one of the following includes a video introduction….

Check them out:

Ridley College – Ed Kidd

Appleby College – Innes van Nostrand

Brentwood College – Bud Patel

Sacred Heart School of Halifax – Anne Wachter

The Sterling Hall School – Rick Parsons

The Priory School  – Tim Peters

Akiva School – Mia Severen

Somersfield Academy – Peter Harding

The Rosedale Day School – James Lee

Bishops College School – Will Mitchell

Kempenfelt Bay School – Graham Hookey

Lakefield College School – Struan Robertson

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