Wowed by CAIS Schools

We are currently running a FAM Tour.  For those who don’t know what that means, (and until two years ago, I didn’t either!) it refers to a group of international agents touring schools to familiarize themselves with our schools and Canada. The majority of our boarding schools, as well as most universities, now pay international agents to find mission-appropriate students.

Gardiner Wilson, a retired diplomat, along with Alyson Robertson, our CAIS Agent Coordinator, are touring ten agents as I write…

This blog is a bit of a cheat, because I am about to share an email sent to our team last night, but I couldn’t do a better job writing about it than Alyson:

“We began at SAC and they rolled out the red carpet for us from start to finish. We arrived to an incredible “Canadian” breakfast – peameal bacon, Ontario apple &​ cinnamon pancakes, a maple syrup fountain (this was my fav), Atlantic smoked Salmon, Ontario pumpkin &​ blueberry muffins, a made to order omelet…and on and on. They had prefects lined up in kilts to present and take us around and they had a bagpipe performance just for us in the chapel.  It was amazing; the agents were truly ‘wowed.’

We then went on to UCC where they had a student ambassador from each of the countries the agents were representing.  So these agents were able to chat with students from their home countries, in their mother tongue, and hear first hand experiences of how they liked being a UCC student. They gave us an incredible lunch of roast beef and salmon, dessert buffet (!!!), speeches, videos, gift bags, etc.  Jim Power was there chatting and mingling with everyone…

It was just the best day. The agents were in awe. They couldn’t believe the campuses, the residences, the facilities and most of all the warm and huge reception they received at each school.  At one point during a video, Gardiner and I turned to each other with tears in our eyes. It sounds dramatic, but it was a dramatic day. I felt very proud to be part of CAIS and associated with these amazing schools. It was a fantastic day. Schools and agents were all very happy.

SAC and UCC have set the bar high for the rest of the schools on the tour! Tomorrow is BSS and Havergal. I’ll keep you posted!”

This morning at 9:41am, she texted me this:

“Amazingness continues at Havergal!!! They have just given each agent a “travel pack” with Starbucks gift cards for their way!”

The agents will tour 18 of our CAIS Boarding Schools across Canada.  Next week, I get to meet them and drive the van to Shawnigan, Brentwood, St George’s, St. Margaret’s, and SMUS.  How fun is that?

Makes me feel proud that we are showing off our country – and our CAIS schools! – to people who can deliver us the top students from around the world.

ps – As I sit in my office preparing for our Heads, Chairs and Business Officers Conference, which begins tonight, I must admit:  Alyson’s note has made me dream of amazing food, especially maple syrup fountains (check out the photo below).

pps – I hope our five BC boarding schools read this blog and feel the pressure to wow us with their food…. no pressure….

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