CAIS Middle School Leadership Camp

It’s been a year since our last CAIS Middle School Leadership Camp, and once again, I’m at Onondaga Camp for our Middle School Leadership Camp listening to amazing speakers, and enjoying the workshops, activities, and most importantly, the weather! The students from across Canada are engaged in long days, but their energy level is high. Really, that’s no surprise when you put over 100 Middle School students together!!!

Thanks to the CAIS National Program Committee and the Onondaga staff for creating a strong program and thanks to our schools for promoting the value of cross-Canada leadership development.

Most of all, thanks to the parents who shared their children with our CAIS family.  We are having a great time!

My guess is that some of these friendships will continue beyond our week together and how cool is it for kids to have friends across Canada?

I will let these photos tell their own story.

2 thoughts on “CAIS Middle School Leadership Camp

  1. What a tremendous week it was! I can’t wait to put support the boys as they put their learnings into action. We’ll be ’embracing opportunities’ all year long. Thank You!

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