Trying for two way

So I have been diligently blogging every week for about two months now. Pressing “post” is always a nerve-wracking moment, and learning how to connect with this tool has been a great exercise for me in new media. I am finding in my everyday life inspiration for this writing activity; while reading the paper, driving, listening to the radio, or talking to people in our community about the national organization, I constantly make notes that say “blog” in my notebook. But, as someone who is always seeking to use my time effectively, I admit, sometimes I wonder if this blogging is time well spent?

I did some investigating. Google Analytics tells me that hundreds of people are reading the blog, which is scary and exciting. There is no way my mom and dada can click on the site that often, right? And other people in our community are successful bloggers – our recent Social Media Survey reports that my blogging routine is similar to approximately half of the Heads in our schools. So I’m doing the right thing. But I also know that I set out to engage others through blogging, and I was supposed to be entering an on-line educational conversation.  By most definitions, conversation is two-way.  And so I look at the number of comments I have received and see that there is a resounding one.  Although many people email me about the blog, so far, only one person has braved the world of comments – God bless Barb Smith.

Today we posted the Social Media Survey Report, and we are hoping that our schools find it useful as they too begin to navigate the world of social media.  Dawn Levy, from Lower Canada College, was the lead researcher and collaborated with Finalsite to produce the report.  I happen to think the findings are very interesting and that the recommendations and resources, in particular, are super helpful to schools.

But what do you think?

ps – here’s the link to the survey: