This is an ibex



I have probably seen pictures of ibexes in books, and I may even have seen a documentary about animals that included an ibex.  But when an ibex approached our car, I could not identify it as an ibex, and I had to look it up.  Some people might pride themselves on being able to recognize an ibex when they see one.  Not me.  So for other city-slickers who are curious, an ibex is a wild goat.

But by the time it jumped onto our car window, I knew that I would always remember an ibex.

The whole experience at Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec on Family Day weekend was a reminder that we learn best by doing.  When we fully experience something – like the fear of an ibex in your face! – we are more likely to learn more deeply.  We are also more likely to laugh and have stories and photos to share.  

Makes me proud that our CAIS schools value experiential learning and work hard to give students the gift of learning outside of traditional settings.  It goes without saying that the same is true for families.